Welcome to Contain

Our mission with Contain is to simplify development, taking charge of the complexities involved in managing the underlying Cloud Native infrastructure.

We believe that developers should focus on the essential — creating exceptional applications.

Our collaborative approach

We aim to be a reliable operating partner, and we strive to collaborate closely. When partnering with us, you become part of a community where mutual support is paramount. We continuously enhance our services based on user feedback and facilitate biweekly meetups between your DevOps team and our platform experts.

We aim for the highest market standards

Our customers operate within critical IT, and therefore, we set the bar high for our service. Our solution includes both a thoroughly tested technical setup and monitoring of operations, along with support from our team of experts. You can feel completely confident entrusting the platform management part to us.

Powered by Netic & Trifork

Contain is crafted by a team of Kubernetes experts from Netic with extensive experience in cloud operations and application management. Although our platform is relatively new, our team brings over 10 years of experience in the cloud domain, and 6 years of Kubernetes expertise.

Contain and Netic is a part of Trifork Group, which consists of 72 business units working within IT. The partnership makes us stronger, and we work together across the business units for your benefit.

Want to learn more?

Download Contain Service Overview to learn more about Contain and get an overview of what the solution includes.

The guide includes:
◦ What is Contain?
◦ Managed Developer Platform
◦ Tool Stack
◦ Infrastructure
◦ Consultancy
◦ Summary
◦ How to get started
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