Tool stack

Curated tooling from the CNCF-landscape.

With the tool stack you get

Market leading open-source bases tools from the CNCF landscape
No vendor lock-in
Upgrades and maintenance
GitOps configuration

The tool stack

Below is a selection of the cluster runtime components in Contain.
Deployment & Continuous Delivery
Based on gitops principles implemented with Flux.
Telemetry data is collected from all clusters to support operations and more. The observability stack consists of a mix of tools.
By default cluster ingress traffic is handled by Contour - it may be Istio for clusters with service mesh added.
DNS management
It is possible to handle DNS management as part of deployments through External DNS.
Certificate handling
Automated certificate issuing is handled through Cert-Manager.
Policy enforcement
Policy enforcement is handled through Open Policy Agent/Gatekeeper.
Secrets management
Secrets are managed with their own lifecycle by having those synchronized into the cluster through External Secrets.
*Please note that the tools may change, because we constantly evaluate and optimise the tool stack.

Maintenance of the tool stack

With the curated tool stack from the CNCF landscape, you can rest assured that your applications run on a tested, integrated, and updated landscape. The tools are continuously evaluated and replaced to ensure the most optimal stack. Evaluation is based on the team's participation in Cloud Native forums, the use of tech radars, knowledge sharing, and customer inputs from the Contain community.

The Cloud Native landscape of tools is overwhelming.
We assemble the best tool stack and handle maintenance for you.

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