Why choose Contain?

Make the complex easy with revolutionary application management

You build, run and deploy.
We manage the underlying Platform as a Service.

Handling DevOps tools and Kubernetes for your Cloud Native applications can be challenging and time consuming, especially when the business grows. It requires dedicated and skilled ressources.

By managing complexity on your behalf, we empower your development teams to accelerate the building, running, and deployment of Cloud Native applications with increased speed, safety, and automation.

What is Contain?

Contain Managed Developer Platform offers a suite of tools, services, and platform engineering.

We handle the complexities of managing the underlying infrastructure and platform, providing your developers with a seamless and user-friendly experience.

What is included?

Experience a service, not just another tool

How to get started:

The process in 4 steps

Identifying your needs and requirements

Based on your overall application landscape and services, we define the model and level that suits you.

Building and implementing

We develop a complete architecture for containerising your applications and build the new setup based on Contain Managed Developer Platform.


Onboarding and support

We assist in setting up pipelines and help your developers get started with deployment processes on the Developer Platform. We continue to provide ongoing support and follow up on your operations, even as you progress.


Management and configuration

Our experienced Cloud-Native team handles the daily operations and monitors your container setup 24/7. We take care of monitoring and updates continuously, ensuring the highest level of security and governance readiness.


Who do we help?

Contain is for organisations with a Cloud Native approach who strive to optimise and automate their development cycles. We offer a secure and scalable environment which enables you to build, run and deploy applications more reliably and efficiently.

We specialise in partnering with the following industries:

  • Enterprises
  • Regulated industries
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs)

Why Contain?

70 % cost reduction
24/7 operations
Get an operating partner, and not just another tool
Address the challenge of talent scarcity
Optimise developer productivity
Accelerate delivery times
Reduce cognitive load
Single point of contact in a complex field
Cloud agnostic
The way you choose to set up your Cloud Native environment significantly impacts the number of employees you need to manage it. Running a self-built Kubernetes is resource-intensive, and a Managed Kubernetes also requires competent staff. Alternatively, you can choose a Managed Platform like Contain, which requires minimal in-house personnel with knowledge of Kubernetes infrastructure and containerisation.

Employees you need in-house to develop on a:

Managed platform
Managed kubernetes
Self-built Kubernetes

Don’t burden developers with maintenance

With Contain, you can outsource the maintenance and updating of your Kubernetes environment. We handle tasks such as monitoring, trouble-shooting, upgrades, security, compliance, and setting up automation and scaling mechanisms. If managed internally, these tasks demand recruiting a number of highly skilled specialists, which is a challenge in a talent-scarce field.

With Contain Managed Developer Platform as a Service, we offer to take responsibility for these tasks to the extent you need. You can avoid the need for scarce talent and reduce the risk of reliance on a few specialists.

"We save an average of 800 hours in development costs per project by using a managed service.”

– Business Unit Lead, Trifork Digital Health

Security is in our blood

We have helped a large number of critical IT businesses, and security is our number one priority. In 2023 we’ve obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification.

Want to hear more about Contain and how it can simplify your application development?

  • 70 % cost reduction
  • 24/7 operations
  • Accelerate delivery times
  • Optimize developer productivity
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